Asset Management: Industry Outlook, Theory and Practice

About the Speaker

CEO, Harvest Fund Management Co. Ltd

Dr.  Zhao  has  worked  in  the  financial  industry  for  over  19  years  and  spent  17  of  those  years  at management  level. Zhao  started  his  career in  1987 in  various  positions  in  financial  investments, capital  markets  operation  and  corporate  management.  From  1998  to  2000,  he  was  a  deputy  chief executive of Dacheng  Fund Management(大成基金管理有限公司). Since 2000, he has servedas the  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  Harvest  Fund  Management  Co.  Ltd.  and  the  Chairman  of  Harvest Global Investments Limited.Zhao was the youngest head of a Chinese asset management companywhen   he   was   appointedas   theCEOofHarvest   Fund   Managementin   2000.Harvest   Fund Management Co. Ltd. is one of the leading asset managers in mainland China, with $110bn in assets spread across equities, fixed income, property, infrastructure and private equity.He also serves as the Vice President of the Securities Association of China.