DKU Textbook Policy for 2023 Fall Semester
Duke Kunshan University
August 2023

Please note: this policy is subject to change. Any changes will be communicated accordingly. 

Categories: Required and Recommended

There are two categories of DKU course textbooks:

  1. Required: students are required to purchase through the university. It is mandatory for students to have one copy of each required book of the enrolled courses.
  2. Recommended: optional readings recommended by the instructor. Students are not required to purchase.


Textbooks will be available in one of four formats:

  1. eBook from the Publisher
  2. eBook for Kindle reader or app (available for all devices. Kindle device not required)
  3. eBook from DKU Library
  4. Print textbook


  • The textbook format is dependent on availability and price.
  • If DKU Library is able to purchase a multi-user eBook version of a textbook, students will not be required to purchase that textbook.
  • Print textbooks will only be purchased where eBook versions are not available.
  • Some courses may have other requirements such as external hard drives, model kits etc. These are purchased and distributed in the same way as textbooks, and the following procedures and policies apply.


Required textbooks

  • The university will purchase all required textbooks through authorized book dealers and distribute the textbooks to students registered in a course.
  • The textbook fee will be deducted from the student’s prepaid textbook fee, unless the student has submitted the Duke Kunshan University Textbook Fee Exemption Form.

Recommended textbooks

  • DKU library will have one copy of each recommended textbook on Course Reserve (see Library Course Reserve section below). Students are free to buy any of the recommended textbooks directly on their own.

Price & Payment

  • The textbook fee is for the required textbooks used in the course students enroll in, and it is comprised of several parts, such as book price, import fee, freight charge, tax, etc. The university does not make any profit from the purchase.
  • The textbook fee will be charged to the student account and be deducted from the student’s prepaid textbook fee.


  • All textbooks will be distributed for 2 rounds: on the 1st teaching day and after the Drop/Add period.
  • All reading materials for the first week of class (i.e. before the Drop/Add period and before textbooks are distributed) will be made available on the course site in Sakai.
  • Information about accessing eBooks and collecting print textbooks will be distributed by email. Information about distribution of textbooks for language courses will be communicated to students in class.
  • In most cases, students taking courses with the same textbook as a pre-requisite course do not need to purchase the textbook again.


  • Instructions for accessing eBook versions of textbooks will be shared at the time of distribution. Students should monitor their DKU email address for notifications.
  • DKU Library staff are available throughout the semester to help students troubleshoot access issues.

Library Course Reserve

  • DKU Library provides two print copies of required textbook and one print copy of recommended textbook listed in the course syllabus in Course Reserve.
  • Course Reserve books can be borrowed for three hours. The short-term loan ensures more students can access the book throughout the session.
  • Course Reserve books are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Course Reserve is not a substitute for students purchasing textbooks.
  • Course Reserve books are placed on the UG Reserve bookshelves on the 1st floor of the Library in Academic Building.


Contact person

Xue QIU, Senior Coordinator for Outreach and Learning Resource Management

Sicen YE, Coordinator for Learning Resource Management