Systematic Review Services

What is systematic review?

Systematic review is a comprehensive review method of answering a specific research question, commonly used in clinical research and disciplines of medical science and global health. It focuses on a specific question, uses explicit, pre-planned scientific methods to identify, select, appraise and summarize simiar but separate studies.

What can librarians do to support your systematic review projects?

  • Deliver an overview of process of systematic review for your research team
  • Recommend appropriate literature databases
  • Help develop search strategies to identify all relevant studies in both Chinese and English literature
  • Guide to document search process and deliver search results formatted for citation management software and systematic review tools
  • Implement best practices for removing duplicate results, screening and note taking
  • Guide the methodology section of the review according to PRISMA guidelines or other standards

If you need a systematic review consultation, please fill in the Systematic Review Request Form. Our librarians will contact you within 3 business days. If you have any other questions related to systematic review, please contact Mengjie Zou, Research and Instruction Librarian,