Fine Policy

Fine TypeDaily/Hourly Late Return Fine (RMB)Replacement Fee (RMB)Handling Fee (RMB)
Chinese Regular Loan BooksNone≥ 15075
Non-Chinese Regular Loan BooksNone≥ 45075
Reserves1/hour≥ 45075
DVD – With Chinese Subtitles only5/day≥ 15075
DVD – With non-Chinese Subtitles5/day≥ 45075
Recalled Item3/dayNoneNone
Headphone1/hour200 (Xiaomi)
281 (Edifier)
319 (Edifier Bluetooth)
DVD player5/day80075
USB Disc Drive5/day25075
Laptop: MacBook Air5/hour1000075
Charger: MacBook Air1/hour64275
Laptop: Dell Latitude 74905/hour800075
Charger: Dell Latitude 74901/hour13975
Laptop: Dell Latitude 74305/hour891075
Charger: Dell Latitude 74301/hour25975
Laptop: MacBook Pro5/hour1290075
Charger: MacBook Pro1/hour92475
iPad Pro5/hour743675
iPad Keyboard5/hour130575
Wireless Presenter1/hour18975
Charger Plug1/hour35 (Type-C Charger)
53 (Dual-port Charger)
Cable1/hour19.9 (USB)
29.9 (Type-C)
46.9 (3-in-1) (Rock)
75 (Ugreen)
Dell 6-in-1 USB-C Multiport Adapter1/hour49975
Portable Power Bank1/hour94975
Removable hard disk5/day100075
USB Flash Disk5/day35975

Watch the short video to learn how to check your Library account about your loans, fines and hold/recall requests: