DKU Kunqu Festival








DKU Library is honored to co-host the DKU Kunqu Festival. We will have special exhibition of Kunqu-related collections in the Library Lobby and the Teahouse. Join us and enjoy the charm of Kunqu together!

Kunqu (or kunju) was developed from the melodies circulating around Kunshan in the 14th century, later adapted by musical theorist Wei Liangfu and others from the 16th century onwards to become the national standard for Chinese literati song drama. During the Qing dynasty, it developed into a flourishing stage art in which classical Chinese song, dance and poetry are brought together in a single performance.

In May, when the spring is in full bloom, DKU will usher in the Kunqu Festival organized by Prof. Kim Hunter Gordon and Prof. YAO Hui, inviting people to appreciate the unique charm of Kunqu opera. This event has received generous support from the following partners: DKU Library, DKU Language & Culture Center, DKU Center for the Study of Contemporary China, DKU Humanities Research Center, “Chinese Theater Collaborative” project launched by The Institute for Chinese Studies and the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at The Ohio State University, in collaboration with the Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies (Lingnan University), Yang Shousong Studio, and DKU Kunqu Club.



  • 15:00 Library Atrium

    • Guided Viewing of Yang Shousong Collection

  • 19:30 CCT Theatre

    • Student Performances


  • 08:30 Library Teahouse

    • Conference Presentations & Panels

  • 17:20 Library East Wing

    • Chinese Theater Collaborative Launch

  • 19:30 CCT Theatre

    • Kunshan Contemporary Kunju Theatre Performance


  • 09:00 Library Teahouse

    • Singing Gathering

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