Notice | Return or Renew Information & Library Arrangements

Please note that the due date for regular loan books this semester is June 30, 2023, and the new due date December 31, 2023 has come into effect from May 12.

Library Arrangements

As you know, we are working on relocating to the Phase II library building in June and opening library services in July, please note the following time periods to arrange your return and borrowing:

  • Talent Apartment Library will be permanently closed from 5pm, May 19, 2023. If you want to borrow any books from or return books to the TA Library, please do so by May 18, 2023.
  • The Library in Academic Building (AB 1075) will be permanently closed from 6pm, June 16, 2023. If you want to borrow any books from or return books to the AB Library, please do so by June 15, 2023.

If you have any special requests after the above time periods, please contact us at Please understand we may not be able to guarantee that your requests will be met in time.

***Please note that the textbook arrangement for the summer course will be notified in a separate message soon.***

Return or Renew Information 

Please do check your Library Account and take proper actions by this date to avoid overdue fines:

•To return your books: use the self-check machine on the first floor of the AB Library (by June 15) or the TA Library (by May 18).

•To renew your books: choose one of the following options: 

1.Renew online

  • Go to 
  • Click Go to My Library Account
  • Login with your NetID
  • Scroll down to find Titles on loan
  • Check boxes next to the titles
  • Click Renew Selected Title(s)
  • Refresh the page to check whether the renewal is successful 

2.Renew books via self-check machine on the first floor of the AB Library (by June 15) or the TA Library (by May 18). 

  • Click Renew
  • Tap your DKU card
  • Check boxes next to the titles
  • Click Confirm
  • Do not need to bring your books to the Library, only bring your DKU card. 

Please note:

  1. For books borrowed by the coming graduates, please return the books before May 23.
  2. If your books are declared as Lost (check it at, Library Account – Titles on loan), they cannot be returned on the machine. Please contact for help.
  3. If you borrowed any 3-hour loan reserved books or magazines, they must be returned by June 15.

If you have any questions about your loans, returning/renewing your items, or any fines on your account, please send an email to

We are grateful for your support and assistance to the Library in the past year. Looking forward to seeing you in the Phase II library building.

Stay safe and healthy. Have a great summer vacation!