Workshop | Research Literacy Series IV – Navigating Truth, Bias, and Ethics in Data and Visualization



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The fourth workshop deals with data and visualization literacy. This workshop helps you to navigate our increasingly data-driven world. 

Quantitative data and visualization are frequently taken as sources of objective truth, but they can increasingly be used to convey biased perspectives and manipulate our understanding of the world. By learning some principles of data ethics, good data sourcing, and data visualization best practices, you can not only avoid making ethical mistakes in their own uses of data but can spot their misuses by others. 

You will learn the difference between correlation and causation and how research structure affects the questions that data can answer. Additionally, you will learn about current controversies in data ethics and how they can address them, as well as learn about how visual and cultural perceptions can affect our understanding of data visualizations.

Event details:

  • November 10th, Friday, 16:00 – 17:00 (CST)
  • Zoom ID: 678 830 4113
  • Password: dkulibrary
  • Instructor: Scott Mauldin, Data and Visualization Services Librarian

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