Workshop | LaTeX Essentials: A Quick Start Guide



10:30 AM


11:30 AM


LIB 2115


Welcome to “LaTeX Essentials: A Quick Start Guide,” a one-hour workshop designed to kickstart your journey with LaTeX, the premier typesetting system for academic and professional writing. Perfect for students, researchers, and anyone in need of creating well-structured documents, this session aims to introduce you to the basics of LaTeX, enabling you to begin crafting documents with confidence. 

In this concise workshop, we’ll cover: 

  • An introduction to LaTeX and its advantages over conventional word processors. 
  • Setting up LaTeX on your system and understanding the basic workflow. 
  • Crafting a simple document: structure, sections, and basic formatting. 
  • Incorporating mathematical equations and references seamlessly. 
  • Practical tips for efficient LaTeX document management. 

By the end of our session, you’ll have the foundational knowledge to continue exploring LaTeX on your own, equipped to enhance the quality and professionalism of your academic or professional documents. Join us to unlock the power of LaTeX in just one hour!

Event details:

  • April 12th, Friday, 10:30-11:30 (CST)
  • Venue: LIB 2115
  • Instructor: Xueying Cheng, Research and Instruction Librarian

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